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Exalted Planets

  1. Exalted Jupiter: Man of letters, educated, scholar, preacher & teacher, treasurer, reliable, God-fearing, good-doer, minister or advisor, noble & pious, aviation, law & allied profession.
  2. Exalted Sun: King, emperor, controlling & dominating all; administrator, judge etc., ruler of body & soul, writing, audit & accounts, armed forces.
  3. Exalted Moon: Prince of Wales, viceroy, respected advisor, competent & powerful minister, royal representative, ambassador, education, navy, sea voyages.
  4. Exalted Mercury: Writer, deed writer, doctor, mathematician, industrialist, businessman, astrologer, astronomer, accountant general, speculator, investments.
  5. Exalted Mars: Commander-in-chief, general of army or police officer, managing director, head of an organization or industrial house, wealthy, dominating, imperious, exalted status, public works.
  6. Exalted Venus: Jeweller, trader, fond of music, poetry & beautiful women, agriculturist, affectionate householder, animal husbandry.
  7. Exalted Saturn: Engineer, railway engineer, timber merchant, builder, iron merchant, landlord, and head of panchayat, rich estate holder, incharge of treasury & lands, machinery, medical, iron merchant.
  8. Exalted Rahu: Incharge of jails, spying network, police, and electricity.
  9. Exalted Ketu: Incharge of tourism, travels & transfers.


Debilitating Planets

  1. Debilitating Jupiter: Poor sadhu, atheist, indulges in self-praise, devoid of religious traditions, hypocrite.
  2. Debilitating Sun: ordinary mason, faithful.subject, servant, obeying others, rival.
  3. Debilitating Moon: Poor spy, unreliable, full of mean thoughts, fits, depression, madness. 
  4. Debilitating Mars: Thief, poor, rioter, instigator, dacoit, butcher, bad-doer, notorious, drunkard, bad reputation.
  5. Debilitating Mercury: Useless talker, chatter box, foul-mouthed, idiot, talks rot, cheap and useless learning, flatterer.          
  6. Debilitating Venus: Lover of prostitutes, sinful, lustful, companion of sinner & mean people, unreliable.
  7. Debilitating Saturn: Illiterate, labourer, ordinary worker, miserly, slave, obedient servant, and full of mean thoughts.
  8. Debilitating Rahu & Ketu: Mean, cheap & dirty profession.


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