Daan Restrictions Software

Daan Restrictions Software

Daan Restrictions

Donation is one of the ways that one can improve the negative effects from planets. Giving donation is a social good and also has astrological significance. It has been mentioned that affected person should make donation of those things only which are represented by trouble giving planet.  The idea behind the concept of Daan lies in scarifying of the things represented  by trouble giving malefic planet so that malefic effect of planet can drive away.  What things should be given in Daan is assessed on the basis of planetary condition in the horoscope. Native should refrain from making donation of that things which which are represented by benefic planets. 

So before doing Daan, necessarily native should contact a competent astrologer get checked his horoscope. 

Nine planets daan and its Timing

Sun: Ruby, wheat, red clothes, Lotus flower, red flower, new house, gold, copper, saffron, ghee, education to poor.
Day to do Daan: Sunday or Ravivaar
Time to do daan: during Sunrise.

Moon: White rice , white clothes, white sandalwood, white flower, Sugar, Silver, ghee, ox, shankha, curd, pearl, karpura
Day  : Monday or Somvaar
Time : Evening

Mars: Coral, land, masur dal, tulsi, wheat, red ox, red sandalwood, red clothes, red flower, gold, copper, saffron, education to poor,
Day : Tuesday or Mangalvaar
Time : Till one hour after sun set

Mercury: Green clothes, kansya patra, ivory, ghee, green mung dal, emerald, gold, all types of flower, all types
of fruits
Day  Wednesday or Budhvaar
Time  till 2 hours after sun rise

Jupiter: Yellow edibles, salt, sugar, turmeric, ghee, gram, honey, umbrella, books, yellow clothes, yellow flowers, horse, land
Day : Thursday or Guruvaar
time evening

Venus:  White rice, white clothes, white sandalwood, white flower, Sugar, Silver, ghee, curd, gold, white horse, scent or itra, land, education to poor, cow.
Day Friday or Shukravaar
Time during sun rise

Saturn: Blue saphire, black til, black urad, oil, black clothes, iron, buffallo or black cow, black flower, shoes, gold, education to poor

Day Saturday or Shanivaar
Time : Noon

Rahu: Seven types of dhanya (urad, moong, chana, jau, chaval, gehun, kangani) , black urad, blue clothes, gomed, blue flower, knife, he-goat, education to poor, sword, snake made of gold, lead, sarso
Days   Wednesday or Budhvaar and Saturday or Shanivaar
Time Night

Ketu: Blanket, gold, iron, black flower, black til, seven types of dhanya, he- goat,oil, urad, education to poor
Day Saturday or Shanivaar
Time night


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