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The Saturn is very intimately related to the house. Therefore, 'Lal Kitab' has stressed more on the effects of Saturn related to the houses. Before we discuss the effect of the Saturn, in various houses, on the native's house, we should assess the limit of benefic and malefic nature of Saturn. The Saturn turns malefic if it conjoins the Sun. Similarly, if the Saturn falls in Aries, the sign of its fall, its nature becomes malefic to some extent.

            If the Saturn falls in the 1st house and the native constructs a house, the Saturn will adversely affect the finances of the native, especially when the Saturn is malefic. However, if the Saturn is benefic i.e. it happens to fall in Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius; and 7th and 10th houses are vacant, the Saturn would not offer untoward effects.

            The Saturn, in the 2nd house, is favourable for construction of the house; and would improve the finances of the native. Saturn, in the 3rd house, is not favourable for house construction because it would reduce the native to poverty. If the native keeps 3 pet dogs, the house would be completed smoothly.

            If the Saturn falls in the 4th house and the native begins to construct a house, laying of foundation would be the signal of inundating the mother, grandmother, mother-in-law and the maternal uncles.

            If the Saturn falls in the 5th house and the native constructs a house, the children will be very adversely affected. If the children construct the house, the Saturn will not cast any untoward effect and the house would prove lucky. It would be better for the native that he should construct the house after he has attained the age of 48 years. In case, he has to build a house before completing the age of 48 years, he should set free a he-buffalo or give a buffalo or hebuffalo in charity.

            If the Saturn falls in the 6th house, the native should build a house after attaining the age of 39 years. If the native builds a house before, the in-laws' family of the daughters will suffer.

            If the Saturn falls in the 7th house, there are possibilities that the native will purchase or own built up house that would prove auspicious. If the circumstances force to sell off the house, he should not sell the ancient house so that he may regain the lost status. The Saturn, in the 8th house, is very inauspicious for the house. Beginning a house will be the signal of deaths in the family. The effects of Saturn will depend on the Rahu-Ketu in the Horoscope.

            If the Saturn falls in the 9th house and the native starts a house when his wife is pregnant, it sounds death signal for the native. He will die when he has three residential houses.

            If the Saturn falls in the 10th house, it will bestow the native with wealth ti II such time he does not construct a house. The money will become very scarce and income will dwindle down after he has constructed the house. If he constructs a house with the money of the uncle, the untoward effects of Saturn may be minimized to a great extent. If the Saturn is benefic, the uncle will be financially well off and the native gains from him.

            If the Saturn falls in the 11th house, the native usually constructs a house after having attained the age of 55 years. Ifthe main gate of the house happens to face the south direction, the native suffers from long illness and dies in a miserable condition of decomposed body.

            If the Saturn falls in the 12th house, the houses would be easily constructed and prove auspicious. If the Sun conjoins the Saturn in 12th house, it will not be malefic. Construction should proceed unhindered.


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