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Lal Kitab Rin Software

Lal Kitab RIN(Debt)

A person having 'debt' will suffer from day of his birth or from a particular day. He will constantly and steadily face bad days for years and would not be able to face the rigors of time and keep up the circle of his life. The effect of sins of male elders on the native is called 'Father's Debt '. The sin would have been committed by someone, but the punishment would be inflicted on his progeny.

'Father's Debt' would be indicated in a horoscope, wherein an enemy planet has an evil effect on a planet while posited in the sign of the planet and connected to it through root, is itself polluted. General symptoms of such a situation are reflected in the horoscope of grandfather, father, son and brother when a malefic planet recurs in the same house or such other houses where that planet is counted as fully malefic. For example, Rahu in House No.11, Saturn House No.4 or House No.6, Mercury in House No.2, 3, 8, 11 or 12 may appear again in the horoscopes of such a family.

In reality this condition is reflected by the planets of House No.9. Planets in House No.9 (House of Jupiter) singly or jointly or being mutually antagonistic, spoil the power of Jupiter by mixing poison in the effect of Jupiter. Rahu is considered as the silencer of Jupiter. If it silences Jupiter, by being in Jupiter's houses or in fixed houses of Jupiter, it would reflect burden of Father's Debt.

In the same way, other planets too indicate debt. Deterioration in Moon, can become the cause of Mother's Debt (on account of the mother). The planets of such a person may even be exalted. One would only witness Malefic Effects of the two planets and would require remedy for the both. Supposing, the father of native killed dogs or got them killed without any reason. In such a case, the native will have Father's Debt of both Jupiter and Ketu. This would remain effective for a period of 1624 years from date of adulthood.

In the same way remedy of the rest of the planets is considered. Remedy will be done of both the planets. First, one which itself has grown useless and secondly of that planet which being in the Sign of that root is rendering it useless. For example, if Jupiter is in House No.9 and Rahu in House No.2 or House No.11 one remedy is required for Rahu in House No.2 or House No.11 (in malefic condition) and second remedy would be to save Jupiter at the time of its destruction in House No.9. The period of remedy is to be resorted for the amelioration of the entire family. However, care may be taken as putting two remedies into practice at the same time may not be effective. By doing so the fruit of no remedy will be available. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to one remedy for 40/43 days 1 weeks, then leave a few days and further resort to second remedy for 40/43 days/weeks continuously.

If Rahu-Ketu themselves are in malefic condition or debilitated (Rahu House No.I2, Ketu House No.6) with no helpful planet in House No.2 & House No.8, then for Father's Debt, the native will only face difficulty in respect of worldly wealth. There would be no malefic effect from any other point of view. At the time of Mother's Debt planet which itself becomes malefic and the planets which destroys from the root Sign, the remedy of both and for a scheduled period will prove helpful.


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