Lal Kitab Mahadash Software

Lal Kitab Mahadash Software

Lal kitab Mahadasa

The word Mahadasha could mislead a traditional astrologer. It has nothing to do with the Mahadasha as is known in the traditional Vedic astrology. The years allotted to the planets are the same as in the Vinshottari Dasha of traditional astrology, but there the similarity ends. All said and done it is a very interesting concept of the Lal Kitab. At places it is slightly confusing. My effort is to simplify the concept and present it to you. As a matter of fact the Mahadasha in the Lal Kitab is euphuism for a spell of bad luck. It is something similar to a spell of bad luck one faces during a sadesati of Shani in the traditional system.


Rules for Mahadasha

When a planet is accompanied by a malefic or debilitated planet in an ascendant without being affected by it and becomes debilitated or malefic in a varshaphal is counted under the influence of mahadasha from that specific date.

When a planet is debilitated or malefic and is also accompanied by a malefic or an inauspicious planet then it is considered to be under the influence of mahadasha since the day it enters the ascendant.

During the phase of mahadasha an afflicted planet is not able to get any help from its friendly planets. But, enemy planets have its full effect.

The planet of mahadasha have the same effect on other planets of the horoscope as it is without this condition.

If planets in the 1,4,7 and 10th house are accompanied with strong or exalted planets in other houses of the horoscope then Mahadasha will get cancelled.

If the planet or birth and planet of the sign are auspicious or exalted in a horoscope, then also Mahadasha do not take place.


Time of Mahadasha of Planets

Following planets can give mahadasha only if:

Jupiter [16 years]: debilitated in 10th; and Saturn in 1; Ketu 3 or 6; Rahu 9 or 10;

Sun [6 years]: debilitated in 7th and mercury in 12th

Moon [10 years]: debilitated in 8th and Saturn in 1st; mars 4th; Venus 6th; Jupiter 10th

Venus [ 20 years ] : debilitated in 6th ; and Mars in 4th ; Jupiter in 10th

Mars [ 7 years ] : debilitated in 4th; and Saturn in 1st ; Venus 6th ; rahu 9th or 12th

Mercury [17 years] : debilitated in 12th ; and Saturn in 1st ; ketu 3 or 6 ; mars 4th ; Jupiter 10th

Saturn [19 years]: debilitated in 1st; and Ketu 3 or 6; Jupiter in 10th

Rahu [8 years]: debilitated in 9th or 12th; and Moon in 8th; Jupiter in 10th

Ketu [7 years]: debilitated in 3rd or 6th; and Saturn 1st; sun 7th; Jupiter 10th; mercury12th


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