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Lal Kitab Remedies

Lal Kitab is a set of five Hindi language books on Astrology and palmistry, written in the 19th century, based on the Samudrika Shastra.

Poetic verses with philosophy and hidden nuances form the core farmanns or upaya (remedy recommended) of the book. It is believed to have Persian origins and has led to field of remedial astrology known as Lal Kitab remedies, that is simple remedies for various planetary afflictions in the horoscope or birth chart, which have over the years become part of the folk traditions of the region, that includes North India and Pakistan.

Symptoms and Remedies Concerning Malefic & Inauspicious Planets


Malefic Symptoms


1. Sun

Loss of power of moving the limbs of the body, numbness of limbs, continuous flowing of froth from mouth.

Take a little 'Mishri' or sugar & then take a few sips of water before doing auspicious work.

2. Moon

Drying up of wells & water fountains, death of milk yielding animal, loss of feeling & sensation.

Seek the blessings of elders.

3. Jupiter

Instant & automatic falling of hair at the top of head, loss of gold, habituated to wearing beads around the neck, loss of reputation through rumours & mud-slinging,disruption in studies.

Put yellow dot on forehead, start work after blowing out the nose, wear gold chain or yellow thread around the neck.

4. Venus

Skin disease.

Take care of your clothes and personal hygiene

5. Mercury

Destruction & loss of teeth, insensitive to foul & good smell, loss of virilty.

Pierce the nose; keep teeth clean; use alum while cleaning teeth.

6. Mars




Loss of child after his birth, loss of one eye, impurities in blood i.e. loss of movements in joints, pale body, not competent to  produce a child in spite of being sexually potent & virile.                                                                  

For remedy please refer to 'Malefic

Mars' in House No. 4, also use white surma.


7. Saturn

Loss & destruction of house, death of buffaloes, incidence of fire, falling of hair around eyes, especially eyebrows and eyelids

Use 'Mesvak' - Indian datun made of fibrous tree such as Keekar (acacia) and Neem for cleaning teeth

8. Rahu

Death or loss of black dog, peeling off nails of fingers, insanity, off nails of fingers, insanity, surrounded by enemies for no fault.

Live in joint family; don't spoil relations.  with in-laws; don't be overconfident and over liberal

9. Ketu

Peeling off nails of toes, diseases of urine, joints & limbs, problems regarding children.

Pierce the ears; tie pure white silk thread in toes; keep or feed a dog.


Remedies for Malefic Planets:


Name of





Remedy for

children &

other reasons







Vishnu worship

Daal chana (yellow lentil), saffron, gold






Vishnu Puran

Wheat, red copper, jaggery



Lord Shiva



Shiva worship

Rice, silver,  milk, milky-white pearl





Curd like

Selfless service

of people

Ghee, curd, camphor curd-like pearl, sand, white butter




Red hot

Gayatri paath

Masur daal (red lentil), red things, red coral






Durga paath

Moong (green lentil), emerald





Respect for


Urad (black lentil), iron, leather goods, timber, coal






Worship of


Mustard (sarson), sapphire (neelam), gomed (hessonite)






& white

Donate black

& white cow

Til (sesame), black & white blanket, eat's eye (LahSunya), banana


The above remedies may be adopted for 43 days consecutively and the articles mentioned against malefic planet should either be donated to the needy or the distressed or to a public place or else may be gently thrown into river.



Instant Remedies for Immediate Effect

  1. Malefic Jupiter: Put a little saffron in a drop of milk, paste it on navel, put a dot on forehead and also take it.
  2. Malefic Sun: Throw Jaggery (Gur) or wheat in river.
  3. Malefic Moon: Place a small vessel of milk under the pillow at night and water the 'keekar' tree with that milk in the morning.
  4. Malefic Venus: Donate white barley (jowar).
  5. Malefic Mars: Throw pieces of sweet bread and 'Reoris' (sweet made of jaggery and til) into river during stomach pain.
  6. Malefic Mercury: Put a hole in the copper coin and throw it into river.
  7. Malefic Saturn: Donate mustard (sarson).
  8. Malefic Mars: Donate sweets.
  9. Malefic Rahu: Donate radish (moolie) or keep barley (jau) under the pillow at night and throw it into the river in the morning or else donate it or throw coal into the river.
  10. Malefic Ketu: Give bread to dogs.


Adopt the above remedies for 43 days without break.


Malefic Planets (according to Raashis) in the Birth Chart and their Remedies during Marriage Ceremony

  1. Malefic Jupiter: Take two pieces of gold of equal weight and at the time of actual marriage ceremony give one piece to the groom/bride and throw the other piece into the river. It is immaterial whether the pieces are the smallest. For a poor person, who is not in a position to afford gold, he may take two pieces of turmeric of equal weight and repeat the above procedure. It will be equally effective. .
  2. Malefic Sun: The above remedy may be adopted instead of gold, copper pieces of equal weight may be used.
  3. Malefic Moon: Use milky-white pearl or silver (two pieces of equal weight) and follow the method enunciated in (1) above.
  4. Malefic Venus: Use two pearls (curd-like) of equal weight. Spouse should wear gold on head on auspicious occasions.
  5. Malefic Mars: Use two red precious stones (not very bright) and follow the method in (1) above.
  6. Malefic Mercury: Use diamonds or shells or cowries of equal weight and do as in (1) above.
  7. Malefic Saturn: Use iron or steel or black salt (two pieces of equal weight) and do as advised in (1) above.
  8. Malefic Rahu: The same remedy as suggested for malefic Moon at (3) above. Do not use or wear Neelam i.e. Sapphire. Give silver brick to the groom/bride, which must be kept, in the house or under pillow. It should never be disposed off.
  9. Malefic Ketu: Use black and white stones and adopt the procedure as mentioned in (1) above.


  1. Adopt the above remedies at the time of marriage ceremony and if somehow or the other one fails to do these at the time of marriage, one can perform these remedies at the time of marriage anniversary.
  2. These remedies are to be adopted in respect of malefic planets in horoscope only.
  3. These remedies are to be adopted according to Raashi (signs) as they indicate the exaltation
  4. or the debilitating signs of a particular planet. They are not to be adopted according to houses.
  5. These may be adopted during the day except Rahu (in the evening) and Saturn (at night).
  6. These may be adopted (, 11 the days and time set apart for a planet i.e. Sun - Sunday, Moon

Monday, Mars - Tuesday, Jupiter - Thursday, Ketu - Sunday, Rahu - Thursday evening, Venus - Friday, Mercury - Wednesday, Saturn - Saturday night.


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