Lalkitab Transger Yoga Software

Lalkitab Transger Yoga Software

Travel and Transfer Yoga

In reality, the Ketu is related to the travel or displacement. However, the duration of such a displacement or travel should be beyond 100 days.

            There are several modes of travel and are signified by different planets but Ketu concerns all. The Moon signifies travel through sea. The Jupiter signifies air travel; and the Venus reflects surface travel.

            Similarly, the travel may be a planned one or it may be thrust on the individual by the circumstances. According to 'La! Kitab' when Ketu falls in favourable houses or former ones and the unspoiled Moon in the later houses, travel will never be against the will. Ketu is the determinant of the nature and kind of travel as reflected by its placement in various houses in the annual chart as numerated below.

            If the Ketu falls in the 1st house of the annual chart, all preparations and plans for the travel are finalized but it may not materialize in the end. It may rarely happen that the native travels, but he shall have to return. This is all the more confirmed, if the 7th house is vacant in the annual chart.

            If Ketu falls in the 2nd house, the native will travel as a consequence of promotion or job expansion. There will be no travel without promotion. This is more pronounced if the 8th house is vacant or unspoiled.

            If Ketu falls in the 3rd house and the 9th house is vacant, the native shall have to go to a distant land to live away from the relatives and friends.

            If Ketu falls in the 4th house, travel usually does not happen. If at all it happens it will be in the direction of living place of the mother. Provided the 10th house is not under any sort of malefic aspect.

            If Ketu falls in the 5th house, the displacement will be a sort of transfer within the same city or the native may change residence or the seat of work. This change will not be inauspicious provided the Jupiter is not malefic.

            If Ketu falls in the 6th house, the travel or transfer will be cancelled. Provided a planet occupies the 9th house.

            If Ketu falls in the 7th house, the native may go to his native place or in that direction. The change of place is a must; and its results will also be favourable. However, the 1st house should not be under any malefic influence.

            If Ketu falls in the 8th house, the travel will not be a happy one. If Ketu's enemy planets e.g. Moon and Mars do not occupy the l1th house, the travel will be against the will. This situation May cast its effect on the significating articles of Ketu e.g. son, ears, vertebral column and joint pains. The native should give milk in the religious place and to the dogs at least for 15 days so as to ward off the ill effects of Ketu.

            If Ketu falls in the 9th house, the travel in the direction of the native place will be desired one; and its results will be favourable. However, the 3rd house should be free from ill effects.

            If Ketu falls in the 10th house, it will be a sudden travel. If the Saturn were benefic, the travel would give double gains. The travel will not be auspicious if the Saturn is malefic. If the 8th house is under malefic aspects, the trayel will be unfruitful.

            If Ketu falls in the 11th house, the travel will be limited to the rumour only.

            If Ketu falls in the 12th house, it is the time of living in the family comfortably. There is a possibility of promotion but the transfer or travel is not imperative. If the travel has to be undertaken, it would be fruitful. The effects of travel would be enhanced if the houses 2 and 6 were auspicious.


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