Planet Bal Astrology Software

Planet Bal Astrology Software

Planet (Strength) Bala

The Planets produce their results depending upon their strong or weakness in a horoscope. Determination of the exact strength of planets demands an elaborate, mathematical calculation.

Units of Planetary Strengths
It’s so vital to express the strength of planets in Rupas and Shashtyamshas (units and subunits). 60 Shashtyamshas (subunits) makes a Rupa (a unit).

Each planet is supposed to get a particular share of strength when he occupies a particular position. There are the following six kinds (sources) of strengths, known as Shadbala are:
1) Positional strength (Sthana Bala)
2) Directional Strength (Dig Bala)
3) Temporal Strength (Kaala Bala)
4) Motional Strength (Cheshta Bala)
5) Inherent Strength (Naisargika)
6) Aspectual Strength (Drig Bala)

1) Sthanabala-This is the strength which a planet derives by virtue of his occupying a particular house in a horoscope. A planet gets sthanabala when he is exalted, is in his own house, moolatrikona and friendly house or when he is in own sign in shadvargas.

Basically this is the strength of a planet because of its position. This is comprised of -:
a) Uchcha Bala -: this is the strength due to the exaltation of a planet. A planet gets one Rupa(or (60 Shashtyamshas) of strength when at its exact point of exaltation. And it gets “0” a unit when at its exact point of debilitation (180 degree), the strength varies from 60 shashtyamshas to 0 Shashtyamsha. Each 3 degree of planet’s longitude thus corresponds to strength of 1 shashtyamsha.

b) Sapta-vargaja Bala-:
The Sapta (7) Vargas’s comprise of the Rashi(D-1), Hora(D-2), Drekkana(D-3), Sapthamsha(D-7), Navmsha(D-9), Dwadashamsha(D-12) and Trimshamsha(D-30).
(A) Rashi Chart -: the strength depends on the location of the planet -:
1) Moolatrikona = 45,000 Shashtyamshas
2) Own House = 30,000 Shashtyamshas
3) Adhi Mitra = 22,500 Shashtyamshas
4) Mitra House = 15,000 Shashtyamshas
5) Sama House = 7,500 Shashtyamshas
6) Shatru House =3,750 Shashtyamshas
7) Adhi- Shatru =1,875 Shashtyamshas

(B)The remaining 6 Vargas’s -:
Moolatrikonna sign is not considered in the 6 Vargas’s () charts. The planets in the remaining all these 6 Vargas receives similar strength.
1) Own House = 30,000 Shashtyamshas
2) Adhi-Mitra (bosom friend) = 22,500 Shashtyamshas
3) Mitra (Friend) 15,000 Shashtyamshas
4) Sama (Equal) = 7,500 Shashtyamshas
5) Shatru (Enemy) = 3,750 Shashtyamshas
6) Adhi – Shatru (Bitter Enemy) = 1,875 Shashtyamshas

c) Oja-yugama Rashi Bala-:
The Moon and Venus in even signs in Rashi Moon sign
The Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn in odd signs in D1, each gets strength of = 15 shashtyamshas, otherwise no strength.

d) Oja-yugama Navmsha Bala -:
The Moon and Venus in even signs in Navmsha
The Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn in odd signs in D9, each gets strength of = 15 shashtyamshas, otherwise no strength.

e) Kendradi Bala -:
Planets in Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th house) gets = 60 Shashtyamshas, those in panpharas =30 Shashtyamshas, and those in apoklimas = 15 Shashtyamshas of strength.

f) Drekkana Bala -:
Sun, Mars, Jupiter (male) planets in first Drekkana,
Mercury and Saturn (Eunuchs) in middle Drekkana
Moon and Venus (Female) planets in last Drekkana gets 15 Shashtyamshas of strength each. If these planets are outside these Drekkanas they get no strength.

2. Digbala-This is the directional strength. Jupiter and Mercury have Digbala in the east (that is, when they are positioned in Ascendant lagna), Sun and Mars have Digbala in the South (10th house), Saturn in the West (7th house), Venus and Moon in the North (4th house) and opposites (180 degree away) house it will receive ( 0 ) zero shashtyamsha’s, i.e Venus and Moon in South (10th house) receives no strength. And in between receives proportionate strength at a rate of (1) Shashtyamsha for every 3 degree of arc.

3. Chesta bala (Motional Strength) Sun and Moon get this source of strength when they are in 10,11,12,1,2 Rashi Signs and Gemini sign (which is Sun's northernly course i.e. Uttarayana). Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn get this source of strength when they are in retrograde motion or when they are in conjunction with Moon (i.e. within 12" of Moon).
The Sun has the same Ayana bala and Cheshta Bala.
The Moon has the same Paksha Bala and Cheshta Bala.

4. Kaala bala-This means temporal strength. Moon, Mars, Saturn are powerful at night (i.e. in chart of
Night births). Sun, Jupiter and Venus are powerful during the day (obtains 60 Shashtyamshas of strength at exact local noon).
Mercury is powerful (always gets 60 shashtyamshas) both during the day and in the night.
Malefic and benefic are powerful during the dark half and bright half of the lunar month respectively.
Mercury is powerful at sunrise, Sun at noon, Saturn in the evening, Mars at first part of the night' Moon at night and Venus at the last part of the night' Jupiter is powerful always" Planets are said to be powerful in their week days, months and -years.

5. Drig bala-'Drig bala is reckoned as a result of aspect to which each planet is subjected to by the other.
The aspect of a malefic or an enemy planet lessens the Drig bala of the aspccted planets while the Drig bala is increased if he receives the aspect of a benefic or a friendly planet.

6. Naisargik bala-This means permanent or natural strength. Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn are strong in the above order. Sun is most powerful (60 Shashtyamshas) and Saturn has (8.57) the least natural strength or naisargik bala


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