Rashi House Predictions Software

Rashi House Predictions Software

Ist House (Lagna or Ascendant)
Presiding Lord (Sun): It is the house of the king. It is the most important house in the birthchart. that is why it is called King Lagna or Ascendant. An auspicious or exalted planet in the house raises the man to the pinnacle of glory and fame and a malefic planet destroys not only health but also wealth and position. In fact, this is the House of fate, position and prosperity.
    This house refers to body, constitution, health, prosperity, personality, character, appearance, glory, name and fame, happiness, misery, status in society, peace of mind, age, knowledge etc. It represents head, neck and pelvis.
    The chief consideration of this house is self and matters connected with it

2nd  House
Presiding Lord (Jupiter): It is the sacred temple of God; hence it denotes domestic happiness, personal fate, honour, wealth, prosperity, old age, precious metal etc. It also governs face, right eye, mouth, right shoulder and quality of speech. It also refers to one's faith in God, truth versus falsehood, generosity or miserliness, oratory etc.

3rd House
Presiding Lord (Mars): This house is reserved for real brothers, sisters, relatives, servants, valour, both physical and moral death of parents, right ear, throat, neck, right arm, upper part of chest, illness, road to the other world, and above all, an outlet for wealth i.e. expenditure.

4th House
Presiding Lord (Moon): It refers to education, conveyances, mother, landed property, treasure, intelligence, house, righteous conduct, nobility of soul, piety, perfumes, clothes, right portion of nose, thighs, good reputation, ancestral property, abundance of rice and milk etc. It denotes 'mother's lap and her blessings'. It fills man's coffer with wealth, ocean of milk, and makes his life comfortable and easy.

5th House
Presiding Lord (Sun and Jupiter): This house refers to children (sons and daughters) and their fate and future, knowledge, eminence, wisdom, intelligence, legacy of good actions, writing of books, right cheek, right side of heart and right thigh, honesty, integrity, hot temper etc. In fact, this house is the repository of knowledge and bright children.

6th House
Presiding Lord (Mercury and Ketu): This house refers to the underworld (Lord Yama and Pluto - the God of death), maternal uncles, worries, enemies, secret, help, compassion, litigation, the right side of calf, chest and jaws, disease, venereal diseases, fear, misfortunes, wounds, opposition and enmity.
7th House
Presiding Lord (Venus): This house denotes domestic happiness or domestic discord, marriage, spouse (husband or wife), sexual desires, extra-marital affairs, journey to distant places, the mouth, navel, and two feet, good perfumes, partaking of delicious foods, soft drinks, couple of sweethearts or wives, urinary troubles, sex organs. Passion, marriage, love and marital happiness are the hallmarks of this house. It is, in fact, the house of goddess Laxmi (the goddess of wealth).

8th House
Presiding Lord (Mars - debilitating): It is the house of disease and death, cruel and callous justice, longevity of life, diseases of genitals, anus, urinary troubles, debts, loans, cremation ground i.e. death, bad name, notoriety, ill-fame. Scorpio, the lord of this sign, is the symbol of disease & death and, hence, malefic.

9th House
Presiding Lord (Jupiter): This house deals with inherited property, lands and legacy left by ancestors, religious inclination, piety, fame, nobility, good deeds, charitable acts, visit to holy places, long life of parents/grandparents, goodness inherited from ancestors, foundation of one's own fate, comforts, previous birth, left cheek, left side of heart and knees.

10th House
Presiding Lord (Saturn): It refers to rank, status, profession, position, honour from state, ruling authority, father's patronage, means of livelihood, field of action, trade, commerce, general success in life, the left nostril, left thigh etc. If malefic, man is cunning and shy like a fox or a wounded snake.

11th House
Presiding Lord (Jupiter/Saturn): Saturn is the Lord of this house, but, Jupiter holds its 'Durbar' here. Hence, Saturn vows before the great guru i.e. Jupiter to shun its evil ways.    
    This is the house of income, gains, acquisition of gold, jewels, all items of luxury, fulfilment of cherished desires, field of fate, luxurious living, houses, left ear, arm and left testicles.    
    This is the house of gains and income and not that of expenditure. House No. 3 denotes expenditure. Exalted Mars in this house decides about wealth. Exalted Rahu, Ketu and Saturn confer best results in this house. These wicked planets in this house become the planets of fate when they occupy 15t house in the annual chart (23,36,48,57,72,84 etc.). Malefic planets, however, bring misery and destruction and even lead to accidents.
12th House
Presiding Lord (Jupiter and Rahu): This house refers to expenditure, financial losses, final hour of death, conjugal happiness, pleasures of bed, happiness from spouse, bad names, dreams, imprisonment, mental agony, poetic justice, left eye, shoulder, and left part of sexual organs.


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