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Lal Kitab Tips

Tips for the comforts of family life

  1. To give a part of one's meal to cow, crows and dog will lay the foundation of happy married life. If one partakes of food in the kitchen itself, it will save one from evil effects/mischief of Rahu and give Benefic Effects of Mars/Rahu together.
  2. Once a month, one should make a few sweet breads (more than the number of family members and usual monthly number of guests/ visitors) and serve them to animals. This will ensure peace of family life, and save one from family quarrels, disease and unproductive expenses.
  3. At night, keep some water under the bed and throw it respectfully in the morning (other than in toilet etc.). This will save one from mischief’s of Rahu (conflicts, quarrels, dishonour, disease, false allegations, litigations, etc.)
  4. One's nature' is generally dictated by his planets. But if a person goes against planetary disposition, he will harm his interest. For example, Saturn H.No.7 gives a person capacity to judge mischief and some element of cleverness. But if such a person becomes excessively religious, kind and honest, then he would remain perturbed, unhappy and often suffer losses.

For the benefit of progeny

  1. A red thread around arm of pregnant woman  may be tied. This can be transferred to the child and a new red thread tied by the mother. This may continue till the child is 18 months old. This is specially useful, if there has been frequent loss of children.
  2. For progeny, worship of Ganesh (Ketu) is helpful. Moon represents mother, Ketu progeny, and Saturn is the accountant. There is outward enmity of these. Hence-, family and wealth hardly go together excepting for Moon in H.No. 4 and Mars-Venus are together, Such a Moon does not have enmity with Mercury and Ketu. Hence, wealth and family can go together. Mars, Mercury together make benefic Moon and gives benefic results in H.No.4.
  3. Before delivery, keep some milk and sugar (touched by wife) near the bed. This will ensure smooth child birth. After that this milk and sugar along with the utensil may be given in a temple. Don't bring back the utensil and the more this utensil is used in the temple, more benefit it will give.
  4. While going out for more than 100 days, throw a copper coin in flowing water/river enroute. This will save the family from troubles during one's absence.
  5. Make sweet bread (other than on iron) on soil where fire can be lit or removed, and hot earth used for baking sweet bread or in an earthen oven. Such sweet bread may be served to dogs.
  6. If one suffers loss of children, one should distributes selfish things instead of sweets for 40 days after birth of a child.
  7. A child conceived or born in a religious place (Temple, Mosque, Church, Gurudwara) will live long.
  8. Rearing of a single born male puppy dog will help in extending progeny, and family comfort.
  9. A person with exalted Ketu will have abundant progeny. Similarly a person with exalted Venus will benefit from service/worship of women, their affections and help.


  1. If younger paternal uncle adopts his nephew/niece or spends money for their marriage, it will cause poverty, unhappiness, childlessness of the adoptee's especially for Saturn in H.No.6. But this does not apply to elder paternal uncle.
  2. At times of adversity the adoptee should donate articles of Saturn. But indulgence of Saturnine mischief by him will cause havoc.


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