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Have you noticed that a person eat very small but even then his/her weight increases.

Sometimes a person is on fast even then his/her wait increases or remain the same.

Some time a person eat more but he loose weight quickly.

How to loose weight is a scientific concept related to astrology.

Every one is related to some planets in a way. A planet and its items  react differently for different persons at the same time.

This all is related to your horoscope. You have some good planets and some bad planets in your Horoscope.

Good planets and their items helps in loosing weight.  Bad planets and their items increase weight.

Planets are divided in two groups. Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Keteu. This is known as Deva Group.

2nd group of planets is Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. This is known as Danav Group.

In Deva group of planets Moon and Jupiter are responsible for increasing weight in the body.

In Danav group of planets Saturn and Rahu are responsible for increasing weight.

Moon and Jupiter increase weight if we consume more milk products, Salt and sugar.

Saturn and Rahu increase weight if we consume more oil or ghee, gram products or take less intake of oxygen.

Some persons use more milk, salt and sugar products but they are not fatty. Mostry these persons are farmers.

Some persones use more oil,ghee products but even then they are not fatty. Players are example for this case.

But in both the cases physical exercise is common.

In case of a normal person we is not doing much physical labour or exercise he can control his weight but not using items which are against his body astrologically.

If your lagna is 2,3,6,7,10 and 11 then you should avoid milk products, Salt and sugar. and take open air wealthy with oxygen.

You can also use Kapalbhati pranayam in open space for 30 minutes daily to inhale more oxygen.

If your lagna is 1,4,5,8,9 and 12 then you should avoid oil, ghee, gram products.

Both type of persons should perform pranayam Kapalbhati for 30 minutes or 1 hour fast walking both in morning and evening empty stomach.

Some astrology remedies and ayurvedic medicine can also help loosing weight but that can be suggested only after going through horoscope of the individual.